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  • About this server
    `🌌` __**The Void**__ `🌍`

    `📈` Introducing The Void! We're a __community server__ for gamers, streamers & creators! Providing you with a *welcoming* community for everyone! `🍻`
    `🎲` Offering you features for **content creators** & **gamers** alike! `🎮`

    Why should you join __our server__? `❓`
    Here's a list on **what we offer** in our community! `📰`

    `👋` An __active & welcoming__ community for everyone
    `💬` **Various places** to chat, talk, and meet other people
    `🤖` __Robots__ to enhance your __user experience__
    `👑` The glorious **Hall of Fame**!
    `🎳` Plenty of __interesting gameplay__ in events
    `📊` Providing support & **resources** for creators
    `🎉` __Giveaways__ & community engagement
    `🌟` **Ranked advertising** for active members
    `🎭` Various __self roles__ to customize yourself
    `🔗` **Automatic posting** for YouTube, Discord & Twitch

    What are you waiting for? Join us now for the perfect community!