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  • About this server
    Our mission at WTRP is to expand our community with other like-minded roleplayers who are looking for a fun and unique roleplay experience. We want to create a place where you can look forward to play. To escape a bad day or to hang out with friends. Whether you choose to be a civilian, criminal, or member of the emergency services, there is a role for you on Wartown RP.

    Civilians tend to be underappreciated. We have made many QOL improvements for restaurants and other civilian activities.

    Current Civilian Activities:
    Open Businesses

    Otto's Mechanics
    Tunershop Mechanics
    Soon to Open Businesses

    Lost Mechanics
    UWU Cafe
    Ls Motors Car Dealership

    If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose to become a criminal and make your mark on the streets.
    High Risk, High Reward - below are just some of the activities we have in the city. We kept a few a secret for you to discover!

    -Drug Production and Distribution

    -Car Boosting

    -Car Scraping

    -Raid Camps

    -House Robbery

    -Luxury Clothing Theft

    -Armored Truck Robbery

    -Jewelry Store Robbery

    -Fleeca Bank Heist

    -Bobcat Security Heist

    More to be discovered!
    But be warned - the law is always watching, and if you’re not careful, you might find yourself behind bars.

    Prison is hard, we plan on expanding the doj system to include prison guards and other illicit activities. Will you be the king of the pen? Maybe you won’t end up in prison and instead will serve community service cleaning the streets of Los Stantos

    Emergency Services
    WTRP believes that the entire of emergency services are a team. That team will work together during certain scenarios and scenes.

    LSPD is now hiring officers at the Cadet ranking. Once the officer has completed training, proved he understands the force of matrix, and can comfortably RP alone with criminals he will be promoted.

    DOJ Coming soon with Lawyers/Judges/Correctional Officers

    Ocean Medical Center is the primary state’s Medical Treatment and Response. People who are looking for a position in the medical field can start off with Ocean Medical’s EMS Operation. Then, people can take on work in the Hospital System, or take up leadership position within EMS Operations. If you want take on these challenges to help people in need, Come and join Ocean Medical Center!

    WTRP also has the following as features.

    -Extensive Guide that's being constantly updated with events/updates/FAQ
    -Custom Clothing pack, over 1000+ Clothing Items
    -Customizable Hud
    With regular updates and events, custom content, and a focus on character development, there is always something new to discover on Wartown RP.

    Become a part of the city’s story at Wartown RP