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Hyena Gangsta Club

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    What is the HGC ?
    ▪ The Hyena Gangsta Club is a 3023 pfp project of which all the items have been hand-drawn. Each HGC is unique and programmatically generated from lot of traits, including backgrounds, skins, eyes, disguises, accessories.

    What makes the HGC special?
    ▪ We know that in order to build an organic community we need to take this project to the long term, our team is committed to taking this project as far as it can go, all our choices are made through a democratic process at the start via the core and then extended to the community, the objective is to converge towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

    Our values:
    For the project we have defined four values, integrity, wealth redistribution, innovation and entertainment.
    Our mission:
    Create a universe around a collection of NFT, to then develop other projects in the WEB3 space.

    Join us:
    More than a community it's gang join our discord to enter the universe