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The Originals

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    ---------Welcome to "The Originals"!---------

    The Originals are here for you! Come try out the New Community!
    Enough Space For Everybody!
    Chat about all the games you play! The movies you seen! And chat with the people you enjoy talking too!
    SOON - Great Staff!
    SOON - Amazing Activities!
    SOON - Plenty Of Services!
    SOON - Economy!
    NEW - CareBot! (Ever Need Anything Health Wise or Help With Stress - Its Here For You!)
    NEW - Server is Brand New and Ready For You To Hop In!
    NEW - RUST SERVER! - Join To See The Link To My New Rust Server!
    (Advertisements Will Soon Be Better as we All Grow Together!)

    Positions: Looking for Staff!
    Partnership Manager
    Trial mod
    Rust Staff Positions
    Soon To Be In Game Mods
    Discord Rust Trial Mod
    Discord Rust Helper

    Partnerships: Looking for Partners!
    About Us: Less than 50 Members | SFW | Dedicated
    Requirements: Absolutely None!

    Join Today! Enjoy Yourself! Help Make This New Community Grow!
    Disclaimer Again This Server is Brand New! So at LEAST Give it a Shot! Thank You!