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Only PlayStation Fans

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    Only PlayStation Fans

    OPF is a hardcore PlayStation community, we bleed blue and see symbols when we sleep.
    There are many PlayStation communities out there but they have all been infected and ruined by astroturfers and shills for a certain competing brand.
    This community allows us to have constructive conversations about PlayStation without being distracted by behavior that only undermines our efforts and goals.

    PlayStation is the only global home console brand, with Nintendo being a handheld mainly and Xbox not having much market share outside USA…and even there it is behind PS.

    Our community was founded mainly by ex or current Resetera and Neogaf members and a couple of youtubers along with a few legendary PS fans from twitter.

    If you want to discuss PlayStation with likeminded people and gain unique insight from genuine fans, join and I guarantee you will make great friends and have a lot of fun.
    Our community is ambitious and has a lot of plans including a huge social media and youtube push…