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Cat Nip Financial

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    -[ Cat Nip :cat_nip: ]-

    Cat Nip Token ($CNT) has a primary goal to build a foundation through its community. Our main objective is to create a realm full of like-minded individuals that enjoy both; $CNT and cryptocurrency. Before our initial public offering, we are determined to devote our time to building our community. $CNT is currently preparing contracts and dApps for the first growing stages. We are one-hundred percent transparent and believe in opensource and audited contracts. We are here to plant our roots while being crystal clear through each step of the way.

    -[ Why join now? ]-

    Watch $CNT evolve from it's initial growing phases.... AND help shape the future of it!
    Early members get to build a bond 1 on 1 relationship with the Team all while providing feedback and improvements along the way.

    **-[ Links & Info ]-**