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The Bakery of Pain

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  • About this server
    We invite you to The Bakery of Pain

    Some of us bake, most of us just eat baked goods while we cry ourselves to sleep.

    Come to make friends, flirt, hang out, play games, share memes, and participate in fun events with rewards

    We also have:

    Chill atmosphere

    Custom emojis

    Aesthetic name color roles

    Enthusiastic admins who are open to your suggestions

    Tons of the best games and bots:
    -Run your own bakery with (It's awesome. It works really well and has customizable pixel art and stuff.)
    -Request memes from Dank Memer and easily make your own
    -Earn money and raise pets
    -Decorate your house
    -Go on an Epic RPG adventure
    -Grow a Taco Shack empire
    -Go fishing
    -Define a word with Urban Dictionary, or find a regular definition or synonym with Author-Maton
    -Charlybot for It's Always Sunny fans
    -Level up and gain server currency just for chatting

    Starboard (#cakeboard) where the funniest things you say will be immortalized

    Vent and advice channels

    { Accepting volunteer mods}