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Super Generation Weather Squadron | 超世代お天気戦隊

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  • About this server
    Are you a fan of Weathernews in Japan? We invite you to join us!

    Weathernews is one of the largest weather-based organisations in the world. In Japan, the weather is presented online in a newscaster format with an accompanying phone application!
    But it is so much more than just that. The newscasters themselves have made the company famous the world over.

    In our server, you will:

    - Learn more about the company, its casters, the history, and the fandom
    - Be updated with the schedule one week in advance
    - Be updated with world weather and be able to submit your own report, even without the WNI app
    - Be updated with social media posts of the casters
    - Gain access to BGMs used by Weathernews, as well as the YouTube streams for your reference
    - Gain knowledge of the Japanese language with some source material.