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Dasht-e Zerrin PF1e

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  • About this server
    ║ Stride forth, my friends—blaze your trail, make history! ║
    Dasht-e Zerrin is an 18+ historical fantasy roleplay server using the Pathfinder 1e system. It is set on the continent by the same name: a land inspired by the myths, legends, and cultures of India, the Middle East, and North Africa!
    Though it is home to several nations and tribes taking influence from real-life peoples, Dasht is at its core a magical place where genies and mages alike roam not only the sands and savannas, but also the streets and lights of urban, industrialized cities. In this world exist wonders as glorious as the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat—often juxtaposed against factories, railroads, and other sights of a more modern age akin to the real world’s mid 19th century to the 1920s.

    Swords, sorcery, and bows have been joined by the machine precision of rifles and revolvers, and all of the above have their places in war, survival, and the often short life of the daring strider. While there is an adventure to be had in the sprawling Jivanian port city of Karana, so too do ferocious creatures and brutal conflicts exist to be fought on the continent's harshest, most remote frontiers

    Dasht-e Zerrin is a mature community that’s happy to take on newbies and train DMs. All we ask is that you’re willing to learn.

    We are a Living Community in which the general play by post roleplay, and the mission based sessions happen in a shared world, where the consequences can affect one another and inspire future events in the server.

    In this world you are a strider, a freelancing individual seeking fortune and glory through exploration or jobs.

    • Organized documentation
    • Rules as written, with few exceptions
    • Missions you can sign up for
    • All organized games use Roll20 and Discord voice chat
    • Fun interactions through play-by-post
    • Lore, RP, support, downtime activities, crafting, and more!