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Vexillum Treasury Syndicate

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    The Official Server of Vexillum Treasury Syndicate - a Community that brings you the best of NFT Investing, Equitable Wealth Creation, DAO-led Business Practices, Fun & Entertainment, Rewards, etc.

    Vexillum Treasury is an NFT Project that is believed to be the genesis of Cyber Utopia. It is a multi-asset project which lets you enter a civilization of minds in cyberspace where members can lose themselves to a utopian reality while also being commercially rewarded. Like Gods, the project will be creating a new cyber-universe for contemporary communities beginning with the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers (VTSC). A dimensionless factory of opportunities for drafting the future and cherishing the present. Equipped with Member Levels, rising up in the community ranks takes you a step forward not just in the community but also in the NFT world by giving more power, authority, and incentives in your hands.