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  • About this server
    Join The Hangout Lounge!

    What we have:
    35+ bots to play with, with more being added in the future
    Self roles to give yourself
    30+ channels to advertise in
    Art channel to post your art in
    Two custom bots!
    Meme channel to post memes
    Music channel to listen to music
    Leveling roles
    Karaoke channel to sing to karaoke music
    24/7 Lo Fi bot
    5 channels to stream video games
    Lyric channel to type lyrics to your favorite songs in a thread
    7 stage channels
    No NSFW at all
    Verify channel
    Welcome message by the one and only MEE6
    What we're looking for:
    More active members on the server
    Fun events for the server
    Friendly people
    Partnerships with other servers (only 5 partnerships per week)
    More suggestions to make the server grow

    Join now!