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  • About this server
    Welcome, all Steven Universe fans!

    Are you looking for a new interesting, unique Steven Universe discord? Join our server!

    This server is still a new server, and quite small but we can grow the server and make the community more engaging and interesting for
    everyone. I have lots of experience in moderation on numerous platforms and have years of experience owning servers.

    I really hope you give the server a chance and I can't wait to see you in the [SU] community. Spend some time to meet the members,
    if this isn't convincing you, then maybe check out some of our features?

    - Interesting roleplay areas, seasons, and episodes where we can play our part
    - Fun and engaging bots to hang with (handy if you're anti-social -hehe)
    - Fun giveaways, roles, nitro, etc
    - generic roleplay areas
    - Engaging members
    - Choose your favourite gems/diamond. You can become a follower of your beloved diamond.
    - and more! You'll need to join to see.

    And this is just the beginning, we are hoping you can shed some light on the server by sharing your suggestions and helping us grow it.

    So come on down and say hi, to Steven!