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  • About this server
    Best DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED discord server!

    Our focus is on the members. Mods are there to enhance members' experience and especially help new players. That's what makes us a true community!
    Everything we have to offer below is free of charge!!

    Giveaways every single day:
    1. ☑️ FREE D2R cdkeys daily till 17th Sep - .
    2. ☑️ FREE D2 items daily.
    3. ☑️ FREE constant money-currency raffles.

    Events with unparalleled prizes:
    1. ✔️ The biggest group race competition on 23rd September with big prizes.
    2. ✔️ Another huge group race once D2 Resurrected ladder reset takes place with EVEN BIGGER PRIZES, INCLUDING MONEY REWARDS!!! D2GM has a huge tradition in race events.
    3. ✔️ Rewards for most active traders. The more you trade in our server, the more you get rewarded.
    4. more

    Our unique community assets:
    1. ✅ Max nitro discord server level which means that our members get the best possible sound quality, along with many more perks and emojis.
    2. ✅ Premium promotion discord bot to promote our members' streams and social media.
    3. ✅ Safe/fast trading experience and a well organized server. Members select their roles and the channels they will see.
    4. ✅ 24/7 support especially for new resurrected players by the most qualified team.
    5. ✅ Fun in game events all the time.
    6. ✅ Best experts of the game to pricecheck all your items.
    7. ✅ Mods with the biggest expertise in the game to provide you with the best possible guides and builds.

    Our team and why we rock:
    1. ❤️ The leader is 1 of the ex-founders of []() . There are only a few people who could compare with him in terms of d2 / d2r knowledge.
    2. ❤️ Admins/mods 24/7 to help.

    Our community is everywhere and that's how serious we are about it. It's a whole new DIABLO amplified experience! Join us and find out more about us!!



    Pvp discord: