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DeafBlind Minetest Gaming

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  • About this server
    Deaf and Blind operated and owned dedicated community website and Minetest Multiplayer Server. This guild, the website and the multiplayer server aims to provide accessible, fun and safe space to everyone be gaming in and be apart of!

    This Discord server features...

    -Dedicated accessible website (!
    -24x7 Professionally Hosted Accessible, Safe Space and Relaxed Minded Minetest Gaming Server!
    -Understanding, Dedicated and Caring Deaf and Blind Owner and Operator. :)
    -Quality Members to Better Ensures a Welcoming and Safe Space for Everyone!
    -Relaxed "Rules" (just follows the Discord's terms and be a responsible person and you'll be fine!)
    -Plus more to come!

    So why not give us a try? Please contact DBGamer#3981 directly if needs be also!