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  • About this server
    Your hub for everything Koishi Komeiji!
    Enjoy channels for Koishi images, Gifs, Koisheep, KKHTA, memes, arranges, videos,
    custom Koishi & fumo emotes, a danbooru feed and much more.
    We offer:
    👁‍🗨 3000+ unique Koishi images and gifs and other media
    👒 a growing collection of Koishi arranges and videos
    💜 Koishi image feed
    ❤️ Koishi and fumo emotes
    💚 a friendly community and moderation and events
    Join the Koishi Clan now!

    Looking for a one-stop for all your Koishi Komeiji needs? Look no further!
    Here you can talk about Koishi, look at Koishi, listen to Koishi or even BE Koishi.
    All Touhou, Anime and fumo fans are welcome too, friendly off topic discussion is encouraged.