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  • About this server
    Have you ever watch dream smp and thought to yourself that that you wanted to also be part of an SMP? Well here is your chance. I give to you Z SMP. It is something like the Dream smp but we hope it can be even better.

    What we offer
    1. A non toxic environment to play
    2. Allows you to play on the smp even if you don't have real minecraft java and use crack minecraft.
    3. Allows you to make up your own character and a back story for your character
    4. You can even give your ideas for the upcoming episodes
    5. Friendly mods and a weirdo as your owner

    If you found this all interesting then come join us

    1. Age 18 and below
    2. Active (talk at least once every 2 weeks)(play on the server at least once a month)
    3. Not toxic
    4. Minecraft Java Edition (Crack minecraft is allowed)
    5. Don't hack other people because recently there was a hacking case in the server but we found the hacker using his public ip which minecraft shows so if you ever try hacking don't hack and we will find and ban you

    If you are interested then DM me. Our goal is to reach 100 members by the end of the year