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Canadian Mental Health and Disability Group

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  • About this server
    This is an 18+ server for those with mental and/or physical health issues and disabilities, regardless of severity, who are currently living in Canada. Please note well that this server is to be a positive space, so NSFW stuff will not be allowed here.

    Server Features:
    1. Recurring mental health and fun VC events
    2. Events held by the community
    3. Create your own VC channels
    4. Private anonymous chat system
    5. Mental health and disability discussion channels and casual chatrooms, or start your own discussion in the forums
    6. Sharing of helpful resources between your peers and motivate each other to stay on track with your goals
    7. Share your victories with a community that wants to see you succeed and flourish

    *Disclaimer*: Please note that we are not medical professionals of any kind (staff included), and therefore cannot offer medical advice. Our server is for peers to share, relate and discuss. We do not serve as free therapy, our members are regular people, just like you.

    Join our server to meet other people who are going through similar experiences as you!