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  • About this server
    Do you play minecraft? Do you want to play in a server that
    revolves around RP,Expand,Events, and more? Well Then
    The Syxmxz SMP is the Perfect Server For you!(JAVA ONLY), Join today.
    What do we have to Offer For you?
    ┃Non Toxic Community
    ┃ Active Members
    ┃ Giveaways
    ┃ Events
    ┃ Very Chill
    ┃ Applications
    ┃Fun Channels (Counting, Memes)
    ┃Custom Roles (Selfadded, Only If you Tell us in Application or Dm's)
    ┃Music To Listen To
    ┃Support Tickets!
    ┃Daily Upgrades
    ┃Movie Nights (Every Saturday 10:30 PM)
    ┃RP And More!