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Rayacre Island

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  • About this server
    This server is dedicated to be a more lax server for developing characters or finding people to hang with. Plot points will be provided in case people wish to follow a plot, but the server is centered more on developing either new characters or flushing out old ones.

    This is Rayacre Island, a place of commerce and trade. The island is a fairly decent size, being the slightly larger than the main island of Hawaii. Despite being an island primarily as a trading port for many countries, it is also a place where people live. The island itself is not owned by a country or is a country itself.

    Being a place where many people visit, there are various types of people that live here. There are many different species, kinds of people, and different kinds of magic that people bring. There are several public spaces where people often gather to either meet new people or meet up with friends.

    The server itself provides
    -self assignable roles
    -several categories and channels to rp in
    -a category dedicated to expanding on your characters