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  • About this server
    Zurvive is a 1pp hardcore Dayz ps4/5 modded community server with the goal of keeping the Dayz experience authentic.

    Zurvive will have a zero tolerance to toxic behavior in discord, the aim is to create a safe, fun and enjoyable community were people are not made to feel bad for playing the game they love to play! Be respectful to one another!

    Server details:
    Server name: ZURVIVE
    Server location: UK
    -Base building
    -Modded bear spawn
    -Useless loot removed (For server performance)
    -Zombies reduced global by 500 (For server performance as a trial)
    -Raiding tools reduced
    -Bright nights 1 hour
    -3 hour daylight
    -Server resets every 6 hours (23:30, 05:30, 11:30, 17:30 GMT+1)
    -Pioneer rifle spawns at Military and police spawns, (Livionia, Chernarus and standard version)
    -Payday masks added (Hoxton, Wolf and Dallas mask)
    -Cloaks added (Black, brown and red)