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    During those days, Glimpsburg was a quaint little country town that’s motto was “Peaceful And Perfect!” Nobody hurt anybody and the word hate was never used by anyone no matter how angry. The current mayor, Bulb Mormus being especially kind and loved his citizens like family. But, what many didn’t know is very soon he would quite literally be dealing a few...Skeletons in his closet. It all started when Bulb was finally given an...Exceptional family heirloom in the form of a book which described those of a specific human variant that his ancestors once were a part of known as “Anthropophagous.” Something that very much intrigued Bulb. Especially knowing that these specific people could become immortal by following specific dark arts practices. Bulb being the thanatophobic that he was, soon became engulfed by such pseudoscience and tried his hardest to share it to perhaps turn him and his people into such a variant and become immortal themselves. Eventually, “The Posse of Anti-Expiry” was created two years later, consisting of Bulb’s 48 followers who planned and conducted a project that would turn them into the “Anthropophagous.” What they didn’t know, is that in the process of doing so, they would summon a hell demon that would bring in many monsters to Glimpsburg.

    And what they also foolishly failed to realize was that the “Anthropophagous” only gained immortality through...Eating people.

    Yes this is a cannibal town! although you may also be a human (or create your own monster!) . Our server is really tiny but we really do hope to grow! Join if you dare! This place does have a chance at becoming an event by event rp