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  • About this server
    Welcome to Pokémon Server Club!!!
    This is the place where u play with your friends and talking together with friends!
    This server not very active. I can do daily incense or giveaway for my server being active.

    What we offer there?
    《:test_tube:》Incense for PokéTwo.
    《:smiling_face_with_3_hearts: 》Free-For-All.

    What we're looking for?
    《:handshake:》Partnership manager(s).
    《:gift:》Giveaway Manager(s).
    《:hand_splayed:》Server Manager.
    《:speaking_head:》Active players.

    What bot there are?
    Pokémon bots:
    Another bots:
    -[-]Virtual Fisher
    -[Pls]Dank memer
    -[OwO] OwO
    And much more!

    ✿.。.* Invite Link: