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  • About this server
    Do you want to be part of a friendly community?
    Do you enjoy servers with games, music & more?

    Then AFX is for you!

    What Is AFX?
    AFX is basically a place for people to get together, meet new friends, hang out, listen to music, etc.
    We aim to be the best community we can be, and to do this we will have active Admins & Moderators, and also some Auto-Mod bots.

    We have some really cool bots, such as:

    Carl-Bot is our Auto-Mod bot, this means that the bot will automatically warn, ban, kick people, etc if they break specific rules, some rules the bot can't enforce but they will be manually added to the bot so that it still counts them.

    Dyno is our Mod bot, this is not automatic like Carl-Bot, this means that our Admins & Moderators can use the bot manually to punish/help users that break the rules, etc.

    MEE6 is our fun bot, with games, money, fake gambling, etc.
    There is also a new feature, if you join our Voice Channel "Join To Create Your Own Voice Channel", when you join the channel it will automatically create your own private channel, you can ban people from it to make it private, etc. This helps with for example private music areas, YouTube videos, streaming, etc.

    Yggdrasil (userphone)
    Yggdrasil is mainly known for its "userphone" feature, this is where you can text random people from random servers.
    There are 2 different ways to do this.

    The command "--speakerphone" will allow you to talk to random users in random servers, but without sharing any usernames, unless you tell them your username.

    The command "--userphone" will allow you to talk to random users in random servers, but it will share your username.
    Application Bot
    If you'd like to apply to be a Moderator at AFX, type "%apply" in our bot commands channel, and you will receive a DM from the bot where you will answer questions.
    If our current Admins believe you are doing a good job, you will be promoted to Admin.

    BoxBot is just a bot that's here for users to have some fun with, it doesn't really have a specific use to it.

    Countr is a counting bot, this is commonly used in servers to keep them active.
    In our "counting" channel, users count up from 0 and see how high you can go, if one user messes up, the whole counter is reset.

    Dank Memer
    Dank Memer is a very popular bot used in a lot of servers. It can be used with currency, music, games, fake gambling, etc.

    ServerStats is a bot for the Server Owner only, but it just counts how many users are in AFX.

    Ticket Tool
    Ticket Tool is a support bot, if you need any help/support, go to our "support" channel and react to the message, this will create your own channel with the Moderators & Admins, when you create a support channel, please type your issue in the channel and wait for someone to reply, this shouldn't take long at all.

    Rythm is a music bot, that's about it.

    Skyra is a multi-purpose bot that we use for Moderation & Music etc.

    The Founder of AFX also has a TikTok page with 13k+ followers where we will begin posting funny/stupid moments from our server, where you could be featured!