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    Haloani is a new “real life” roleplay server. In Haloani your character is able to explore the beaches, build friends, design their own living space (house, apartment, condo), and develop relationships! There is no limit on how many characters you create as long as you can keep up with all of their storylines! Since this is a new server all suggestions are highly taken into consideration. You can really help make this server better for everyone. This server is currently set up for human characters, but I have no issue with anything supernatural being added if that is what you prefer!

    This server is 18+ only, and ooc drama is strictly prohibited. Not only should our characters be friends, but I would really like for us all to develop friendships ooc! Everyone should feel included and have fun here! If there are any concerns the owner is very responsive and will get back to you quickly. If you’re interested and would like to join then please click to discord link below :

    If you have any questioned then my personal discord is : Hypnagogic#7784