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Uzekar V2

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    A Universe known as Uzekar (How to say Uzekar - Ooze-uh-car) V2/2.0, created by a godly creature as a twin universe of the same name, untouched by sentient beings and having no history. The universe soon was opened because the creator got busy, not caring who got into the universe. The universe is a blank canvas, ready for your characters to fill it with colors!

    Hiya! Welcome to this advertisement! We're a server made from an OG RP that was made IRL by the owner and an unnamed friend. I am hoping to make a twin roleplay of Uzekar OG so I can continue to have fun with new characters and develop a third universe of the trio. The two other universes are blocked off from Uzekar V2 though. So, no touching on those.

    Anyway! We'll have various things you can contribute to making the lore. This is all about the lore creation and members. Everyone is pretty much a main character, unless you want to make a side character. Which is totally cool, too!

    Thanks for reading!