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Karuta Kingdom

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  • About this server
    Karuta Kingdom is a community server based around all things Karuta.

    We feature the normal Karuta stuff as well as dye testing and renting, middleman services, bounties, and a bunch of other community-related content.

    We are a community that puts safety at the forefront of their values. We want all users to feel safe communicating, trading, and using other services within the Karuta community.

    We welcome new people to the Kingdom with open arms.

    We offer:

    ‣ Self assignable roles

    ‣ Server booster/donator perks.

    ‣ Giveaways

    ‣ Server Abundance Aura

    ‣ Server Level 3

    ‣ Mass drops

    ‣ Verified dye testing and renting

    ‣ Public dye testing and renting

    ‣ Middleman services

    ‣ Bounties

    ‣ Trade Advertisement

    ‣ Owobot, Rinbot and Tatsubot

    ‣ The Kingdom Clan

    We hope to see you walk through the gates and enter the Kingdom soon.