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The Milky Way || Gaming & LGBTQ+

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  • About this server
    Welcome to The Milky Way, we offer a server that has that friendly community feel to it. We try to provide a little bit of everything in a safe environment for everyone. Our main games at the moment are League of Legends, Valorant, Fornite, Roblox, Minecraft and much more. I created this server to connect lgbtqia+ people from all over the world to play and exchange with.

    Here we offer:

    ◦ Self Assignable Roles. From sexuality, currently streaming roles to gayming!

    ◦ Active chat rooms! From anime, selfpromotion, NSFW, music, gaming, venting and politics to art.

    ◦ Active Voice channels!

    ◦ Active and engaging MODS.

    ◦ An actual Community.

    We care about what our members want and always make sure that they feel involved, engaged and listened to. I hope to see you there, you really wont regret.