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Dragonlance Chronicles EE

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    Welcome to the Dragonlance Chronicles Discord site! This is foremost a roleplaying (RP) community. Several forums here are dedicated to the discussion, enabling, execution and enjoyment of proper RP activity to include narrative gameplay, storytelling, D&D/d20 campaigning via VTT rulesets and die rollers, cRPGs and several other devices to keep roleplaying in the world of Krynn active.

    Our longest lasting service has been standing up and sustaining "The Dragonlance Chronicles Persistent World". It is a major undertaking that represents the longest lasting multiplayer mod for the popular Neverwinter Nights cRPG by Beamdog. It is based on the "shared world" lore of Krynn, a fantasy setting created by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and after 10 years of operation is getting a massive enhancement update by summer 2021.

    We have dedicated our roleplaying to the lore and environs of Dragonlance, and carried this over to our Discord server so that other like minded players can RP within their favorite setting. Our members stem from a wide and diverse background, hailing from all over the world, and plainly speaking we are very friendly. Come check us out!