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  • About this server
    ・︶꒦︶ 🌸 ︶꒷︶ ੭ ₊˚
    All in us!

    Hey there MIDZY! This server is dedicated to ITZY, where we provide:
    ʚ🌷ʚ welcoming staff
    ʚ🌷ʚ daily updates
    ʚ🌷ʚ discussion about their upcoming projects
    ʚ🌷ʚ updates from entertainment companies
    ʚ🌷ʚ amazing bots like K-Pop music quiz, ITZY, YGG etc
    and much more....

    Not a Midzy? No problem! I meant it when I said all in us 😉
    You can get updates of other Kpop artists and Entertainment Companies too so, all the multifandoms are welcomed. We are a growing community! Trust me we're gonna make a great pair! ❤