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Authors Guild of Roleplaying

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  • About this server
    .•°☆ Authors Guild of Roleplaying ☆°•.

    We are a server specifically designed to help you find new roleplay partners!

    • ° What we offer ° •
    ° Different interest and length roles to tell people how you RP
    ° Different channels for single partners or creating groups
    ° A strict stance on any and all discrimination but with a complete understanding of miscommunication
    ° A SFW ad space and an NSFW ad space that minors cannot access
    ° Chill staff (and a very hyperactive owner)
    ° An RP and writing tip channel that anyone can contribute to
    ° A suggestion channel to help us grow as more people join the guild!

    We're open to all kinds of RPers, be it page-writers or simple one-line response people. Come join us and help build our community!