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Sixty Floors

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  • About this server
    Hey y’all! Are you looking for an active 18+ server
    (over 300 members & still growing as we speak) I am a mod in this server!!! It’s all having fun and & enjoy everyone’s company✨ We are also LBGTQ Friendly server 😌🌈
    We include so many things for example:
    -Movie Night 🎥🍿
    -Music 🎧
    -Party and Play 🍻
    -Jackbox 🤡
    -Games 👾
    -Karaoke 🎤
    -Spooky Vibes 🧟‍♀️
    And many more !!!
    also for my 21+ peeps we even have drinking games 🥴. Because it’s 18+ I don’t wanna drop the link but If you are interested in joining feel free to comment and I’ll shoot you a DM!! 😊