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Despair Survival

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    ---Despair Survival---

    Are you looking for a chill, safe, active, and always updating Minecraft Survival server?

    Well, Despair is the place for you!

    We are a public Minecraft Survival server, in only 27 days of opening the server we already got 20+ members on our server, and we'd love you here too!

    We are updating the server every week with new features, new plugins, etc, this ensures your time at Despair is the best we can make it!

    We have a new Discord server but it isn't very active at the moment, we're looking for some Admins, Moderators, Builders & More!

    We have multiple plugins to keep your builds safe, here are some of our best plugins:

    - EssentialsX
    - Grief Prevention (claims)
    - /Sethome
    - Money4Mobs (get in-game money when you kill hostile mobs)
    - Ranking System
    - BalTop
    - SkipTheNight (allows players to vote to skip the night, rather than sleeping in a bed)
    - TabLocation (see your coordinates by clicking TAB)
    - WildTeleport
    - WorldGuard
    - Kits (such as /kit claim, /kit starter, etc)
    And loads more!

    We are also adding more plugins every single week!

    ---Discord Server---

    In our Discord server, we have a feature where users can suggest ideas, and other users can vote for those ideas.

    Users can privately report anyone/anything directly to the Owner, Admins & Moderators of Despair.

    We will begin doing giveaways very shortly, once the Discord server expands a little more and becomes more active.

    We have an area specifically for Bot Commands, this is so that users can mute the bot commands, while keeping other chats unmuted.

    We have some games in the Discord server, such as Question Of The Day, UserPhone, Movie Nights & loads more!

    We hope to see you here soon, thanks for reading our advertisement!