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    We sell Proof of Origin blockchain track and tracing technology built on the Vechain blockchain, allowing consumers to use their smartphones to scan products and see if they're real or fake and allowing large-scale manufacturers to gain insight into their supply chains. We also enable brand new kinds of consumer experiences through our technology that are deeply engaging and innovative.

    Real Items

    Our product solves the problems of companies that suffer from having their goods copied and counterfeited. Any company that has experienced business losses due to counterfeiting may already be somewhat aware of blockchain's effectiveness in combating this problem, and these companies fit our ideal customer profile. If you aren't already aware, you will come to understand in this training how and why blockchain is so effective in solving these problems.

    Another good example of an ideal customer is any company that exports internationally, or any company with somewhat complex supply chains. Any company that produces goods of any kind can dramatically improve their operations with blockchain. IBM, one of our direct competitors with their Food Trust blockchain solution, estimates that supply chains suffer from inefficiencies resulting in $100B in losses every year that blockchain can remedy.

    Food, pharmaceuticals, clothing, wine, electronics parts, rare earth metals, diamonds, essentially anything and everything that's produced on earth can benefit from blockchain. In fact, experts agree that in the coming years, every manufacturer and producer in the world of every kind will implement blockchain.

    We've spent the past few years building our blockchain solution and have just recently started sales operations and have landed a handful of customers which include:
    - a KN95 mask manufacturer in China
    - a premium coffee producer
    - Cross border OEM Manufacturer

    Follow us on Twitter @itemsdapp and join our Discord!