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Pier 39

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  • About this server
    Welcome to Pier 39!
    To begin with, what in the Earth is Pier 39?!
    • Pier 39 is a marine-based fun and welcoming server. So that you don’t have to think, we will describe it in one word: WOAH. Pier 39 was opened by Crab, cool and experienced Discord Mod, and Jabolo, a Discord Bot programmer which experience. From this fusion resulted an amazing Discord Server. Welcoming Staff, lots of tailor-made Bots to have fun with and obtainable roles with their subsequent perms. On top of that, you can earn NITRO! How? By talking. At 50k points you can redeem a month of classic Nitro, what else do you need to know?
    What can I do in Pier 39?
    • Apart from having a great time and meeting new people, you can have fun with our custom bots. What do we offer? A custom level bot based on slash commands, the brand-new feature of Discord bots which will amaze you at its simplicity. Besides, we offer server-unique music bots. The benefits of this? No lag because its server-unique, better quality, less response time and you can even create playlists! We also have a custom moderation bot which makes everything safer!
    Did you just say that I could earn Nitro?
    • Exactly, by being active and talking you will earn points. Those points can be exchanged for roles, boosts and Nitro! And if this wasn’t enough, we do legit giveaways with Plasma Premium, so you have chances of winning Nitro among other things!
    Okay, this is great. How can I help the server?
    • We accept donations, and a donation bot is on its way. But for now, by boosting you help greatly the server. With this, you earn the Marine Animals role. Having this role unlocks you 6 secret channels: hidden channels, premium channels and even a Premium bot, Sealy Premium! A complex music bot only for boosters. Create playlists, get the lyrics of any song you like, have an extraordinary big queue, amongst other perks. Besides, boosters bypass giveaway requirements and can claim one custom role!
    What happens with roles?
    • Roles are unlocked with our custom bot SwordFishPremium. Type /rank, or select the command in the menu of the slash commands to see your level. At level 5 you unlock the Sailor role, at level 20 you get access to a hidden channel, and above that you unlock image perms, gif perms and even giveaways bypass!
    How can I become staff?
    • Staff applications are opened from one time to another. You can try and become a part of this wonderful family!
    Drawing this description to an end, we would like to thank you for having read until here. It’s a honour to have you in our server, and we are willing to see you around here! Go to to join our server! (Yes, cool custom domain!). What are you waiting for? Become a pirate today!