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  • About this server
    AfterhourRP - DarkRP

    Its Custom, Refined, Optimsed & High Quality

    There are many different custom classes that are available! This makes
    - the server like no other!
    - Lots of unique unbox cases.
    - Fun, well thought out jobs that are not p2w and available for everyone.
    - 30+ Jobs to touch's from
    - Smartwatch
    - Coin-flips
    - Give Aways
    - Gang System - (Gang Printers - Upgrades - Gang Wars
    - Weed,Meth,Bitmining,trashman and many more fun ways to make money.
    - 30+ Cars - VIP Cars

    These are all just a handful of awesome things available on AfterhourRP

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    Server description:
    AfterHourRP is an online gaming community where we try to give the best support and services to each user. We have an active development team and are looking for individuals ready to that are ready to be a part of a new community that is as unique as can be! It is a semi Serious DarkRP server. We have balanced banking systems and a lot of content from Zeros drug addons to Custom scripts made personally for the server!