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  • About this server
    Bumblebee is all about fostering lasting connections within the LGBT+ community. We offer friendship to everyone across the gender spectrum. We are DID and Neurodivergent Positive! Welcome to all ages!

    We have a variety of conversational rooms covering
    ~ Popular Interests: Such as Food, Pets and Animals, Science and Tech and MORE!
    ~ Game's: From Console Specific to Role Play and D&D
    ~ Media: Movies, Television, Music, Memes, Comics and Anime
    ~ Hobbies: Art, Craftsmanship, Digital Media, Photography, Hunting & Fishing
    ~ 18+: For when you just want to relax with adults
    ~ Gender Specific: For when you want to talk to someone just like you!

    Our goal is to make this the place a safe haven for all. Please come join us!!!