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Skull Realm Server

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  • About this server
    A server where YOU can be YOU and make lots of friends.

    Warlordskull is typing...

    ╰ Hey! My name is Kyle and I am looking to grow my server with dedicated members just like you. We're currently at 50+ members and growing strong. We have lots of great discussions about life, games, and entertainment. There's even a section dedicated to fellow content creators to promote their content with Live notifications posted for set streamers.


    ━ Get to know each other with our inclusive reaction roles!

    ━ Lots of interactive server-wide events and selective notifications.

    ━ Unlockable hidden channels, shh.

    ━ Set your birthday and receive the birthday role on your big day as well as notify everyone who may otherwise unaware.

    ━ Level Ranks and Reward Titles.

    ━ Give feedback to the server and watch it update to your preferences.

    ━ Interactive roles that can notify members when streaming partners go live.


    ━ Memes & Emojis
    ━ Marvel & DC
    ━ Star Wars
    ━ News & Sports
    ━ Music & Art
    ━ Cosplay & Photography
    ━ Pokémon & Temtem
    ━ Call of Duty: WZ, MP & Zombies
    ━ Among Us
    ━ Fortnite & Minecraft
    ━ No Man Sky
    ━ Outriders
    ━ And much more...

    ╰ So, what are you waiting for? join now!