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Fantasy Legends

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  • About this server
    We created this server under the values of letting everyone create the characters who they want to roleplay. We saw too many servers where you were restricted on the characters who you can make and that made us finally say that is not what RP is about. RP servers should be fun for everyone involved and not constantly controlled under the admins and mods. Keep in mind there are still a couple of rules to be followed for abilities and such but there is no limit to who you can play as long as it is not a God or too powerful.

    What type of RP:
    We have many different worlds that include fantasy, sci-fi, and a whole lot more. For our server specifically, people tend to gravitate towards fantasy. Keep in mind for all these worlds, the laws of physics still apply.

    What is the RP:
    A young boy discovers the supernatural world: Eternia. The supernatural world named "Eternia" is infinitely full of worlds. The ordinary world and the unordinary world are forever divided due to the greed and corruption humans and monsters hold. In order to keep a balance in these worlds, there are magical guardians who keep their identity hidden. These guardians hold power that let them keep the peace between the two worlds and to make sure the humans never discover the truth of the hidden universe. (this is not centered on my oc in roleplay)

    What we offer:
    → A friendly and supportive community
    → Friendly staff that makes sure all members get a voice
    → A huge universe where anything is possible
    → Unrestrictive character creation
    → An extensive amount of chat channels
    → Accepting of everyone
    → A leveling system that gives you access to special chats at certain levels
    → Over 1000 messages sent per day