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Goldie Buddies

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    In Goldies Buddies, everyone is welcome! So you! (yes you!) If you don't have very many friends to game with join my server! we have numerous games that you may know (like) Among us, Minecraft (both java and bedrock), Phasmophobia, And so much more! If you have a game that you think everyone will enjoy don't forget to tell one of the Goldie Buddies admins!

    Heres some things you should look at if you join Goldie Buddies

    -Self Promo- If you are a new Twitch Streamer or Youtube Content Creator you can also advertise your vids in my self-promo channel!

    -Main Chat- Meet new friends who might have the same interest as you, and may become your new best friend!

    -Gaming General- Talk to other gamers who have the same games as you and play together! who knows you might have fun with that person!

    -Goldie Bots- Don't forget to check out what kind of bots Goldie Buddies have your bot might be one of the bots we use!

    -Introductions- Introduce yourself and find others who share the same interest as you!

    You should join Goldie Buddies cause why not! you might have fun! I hope to see you there!!