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Gamer's Pride

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  • About this server
    We Provide and do:
    - Active Owners
    - Chat(s) for a lot of big name games (Roblox, Among Us, Minecraft, Genshin etc.)
    - QOTD
    - We host Tournaments & Events
    - Self-Roles
    - Fun Bots!
    - Level 1 Server Boost

    What we need:
    - Members who enjoy talking and doing here.

    Current Event Happening right now!
    Monthly Message Rally (April Sprint 2021)
    (The more you're active, the more you have a chance at winning! Talk in certain chats to get the upper hand!)
    Here's a glimpse of the prizes:

    1st Place: Custom Role for 1 month OR 400,000 Dank Memer Money
    2nd Place: 375,000 Dank Memer Money
    3rd Place: 200,000 Dank Memer Money