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πŸŽƒ Hole Digging Club πŸ₯„ | β€’ Digging β€’ Holes β€’ Shovel β€’ Club β€’ Girls Last Tour β€’ Shim

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    Shimeji Simulation Discord

    Hello from the Hole Digging Club ! πŸ₯„

    A community for those that enjoy Girls Last Tour, Shimeji Simulation, and Tkmiz work. If you're also into art, anime, and weeb things, come join the Hole Digging Club! Remember to bring your own shovel.

    Tons of Emotes Emojis and Stickers too πŸ₯„

    πŸ”ΊGirls Last Tour | ε°‘ε₯³η΅‚ζœ«ζ—…θ‘Œ
    πŸ”ΊShoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
    πŸ”ΊShimeji Simulation | シパジ γ‚·γƒŸγƒ₯レーション