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  • About this server
    This server is about roleplaying the United States Government, it's Federal Agency's and Armed Forces.

    • Currently running an US Army, running from Private to General!
    • Also currently running FBI, running from FBI Cadet to FBI Director!
    • Basic Training is automated so no need to wait for replies from other people within the server
    • We are currently looking for High Ranks in US Army, FBI and US Government.
    • We plan to state a Congress (Senate & House) so will need roles to fill this.
    • We have a Taco Shack area where you can create your own Taco Shack!
    • We have a casino area where you can bet virtual money.
    • As well as a fishing area where you can go fishing and go to the local bar and selling drinks.
    • Plus much more!

    Please join us.

    Discord Link -