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Custom Nation RP Server [CNRS]

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  • About this server
    Custom Nation Roleplay Server - CNRS

    Hello! CNRS is a nation roleplay server where you can register any nation (real, alternate history or fictional) and roleplay building it up, expanding, conquering, with alliances, wars and more!

    We welcome everyone to join and have a look - you don't have to be an avid historian or geographer!

    What do we have to offer?
    - Gamenights and QOTD
    - A calm and toxicity-free environment
    - A fun and engaging roleplay system
    - Multiple Music Channels
    - Special perms for server boosters
    - Spectator role to view the exciting wars and conflicts
    - Server Partners

    Want to reunite the Roman Empire? Take part in a Communist revolution? Fight in a world war?
    If so, join our server!

    With a friendly mod team and members who await your visit, there's no reason to wait! Join today!