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  • About this server
    The server is being put out to public advertising sites!, this server is everything you need and nothing you don't!
    If you ever have a problem with this server...well you obv wont!
    Fun game bots, nitro gifting and booster perks, events and contests, tons of channels, Leveling from 1 to 200!, make new friends or even ...enemies, we're always looking for new staff!, game channels and anime channel supported! our server is based on a random community who just wants to have fun and socialize!, also, there is gaming events, art contests, bot contests, leveling events and so much more!, nitro classic giveaways and other types of giveaways! you can also set up a art shop where you can advertise commissions for art and more! you can even sell discord bots or sell a fresh one!, theres soo much to do in this server so don't wait!

    ◈ Bot/Art shops
    ◈ LGBTQ+ friendly
    ◈ Counting and chain channels for extra fun
    ◈ Game bots such as poketwo and OwO bot
    ◈ Easy way to manage the server with a single channel
    ◈ Always looking for staff.
    ◈ Never a confusing server, like to shitpost? thats alright! are you wholesome? thats ok too!
    ◈ SFW server, never any NSFW.
    ◈ Simple rules, we don't say common sense we say seriousness!
    ◈ Want something added? Suggest it!
    ◈ Server dead? thats alright, give it time we wont take up your server space!
    ◈ Problems? dont worry! we can always fix it!
    ◈ Like anime? We got a category for that!
    ◈ Like games? We got a category for that!
    ◈ Fun channels
    ◈ And more!