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  • About this server
    Arturro is a kind and friendly place that focuses on community and fun and unordinary events! This is a safe place for everyone, this includes anyone in the LGBTQ community!

    Here we have:

    » Art - Drawing, Writing & Calligraphy, Photography & Music!

    » Art Help - Art Critiques, Self-promotion and References!

    » PenPals - Starting to set up a safe and Fun letter community!

    » Events - Fun art, gaming and other such events!

    » Aura's Reading Time - Usually every day the owner reads to help people fall asleep!

    » Monitored Chats - We instantly ban any people who purposely try to cause harm or toxicity in the server.

    » Fun Chats - Gaming, Anime, Kpop and more!

    » Community - A Wonderful and open community for all!


    If you are interested in any of these come join us today!! We would love to have you :)