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The Yaoi and Roleplaying Hotel

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  • About this server
    Welcome to The Yaoi Hotel!
    We are a new discord server (as of the 06/02/20) needing active members to join :)
    When you join please fill out the introduction in the #introductions channel and then give yourself self assigned roles in the #self assigned roles channel.
    Thank you :)

    We are a safe place for all Yaoi lovers to come in share there yaoi stories, photos , artwork and have a good time :)

    A general chat to just chill,
    We offer self-roles,
    Separate SFW & NSFW channels,
    Much more!


    1) No Harassment
    Please refrain from harassing members of this server. This includes asking for nudes, asking for personal information, stalking, racist slurs, homophobic remarks and bullying. Friendly trolling is allowed.

    2) No Illegal Activities is allowed on this server this includes but not limited to IP grabbers, child pornography, links from viruses, doxing, and predatory behaviour will result in an immediate kick.

    3) Only post content in the correct channels.

    4) Excessive and unwanted spamming from the same person will result in getting kicked.

    5) Please do NOT post, nudes, Scat, gore, vore, urine, pregnancy, and necrophilia, of any image that is or looks like they are under 18+

    Rule 6) because this server also has minors 13 to 17 NSFW Profile Pics and usernames containing Death, Rape, Murder and other unsuitable topics are not tolerated, Thank you.