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Gamer's Paradise

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  • About this server
    **⚫️️Welcome to Gamer's Paradise :tm:!⚫️**
    **What does Gamer's Paradise :tm: have?**
    |:robot: | Tons of fun bots, all for your enjoyment!
    |:earth_africa: | 1 Self promo channels!
    |:notes:| 3 Music bots and 3 music channels
    |:bar_chart:| Fun, active, and fast-growing community!
    |:rocket:| Awesome staff and members!
    |:art:| An art channel for artists to post in!
    |:tada:| Nitro Giveaways!
    |:camera_with_flash:| A photography channel for photographers to post in!
    |:video_game:| A gaming channel for gamers to talk about games they like!
    |:information_source:| Info channels for your convience!
    |:joy:| Memes posted in our memes channel every second!
    |:handshake:| Partnerships! (Server must have 50+ human members)
    :arrow_right: Well what are you waiting for? Come join Gamer's Paradise :tm:!
    **:link: [Server Invite Link]**
    **:link: [GIF Link**]
    **:link: [Banner**]