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Fleble Fan Club

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  • About this server
    This is the Fleble Fan Club!

    Hi, I am Fleble, the owner of the server. I am a starting out Youtuber and am trying to grow.
    My channel is about mostly Roblox, but I sometimes make videos of other games too.
    There's a lot of nice people in my Discord server, and there are not a lot of strict rules.
    As owner I am very active on there as well, I publish some announcements, giveaways and I try to get to know my members!
    To access the server, go to #verify, say !userverify after waiting your 10 minutes.

    Brief summary by Head Moderator Pachekin:
    You can chat with someone in #general-chat, #gaming-chat , #roblox-chat (if you play) or else, following of course the #rules
    You can participate in #qotd-response , answering the question from #qotd
    You can be part of any team, we have in this server the polar bears (Fleble is the leader) and the monkeys (tomoblaster is the leader). You can choose your team in #guilds , need to join one of the groups and do veridy in #verify
    There are some other channels where you can send #cursed-images , #memes or #fan-art . Or you can drop your life and go to #counting.
    That's all you can do so far as a member, have fun...I guess

    Hope you'd consider joining my Discord!