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Street life Gaming

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  • About this server
    StreetLifeGaming is a gaming community based on role-playing on FiveM. We have many other dedicated servers for other games. We have a very friendly community and a consistently updated server. We have dedicated patrol times to accommodate all US time zones.
    We have great training resources to accommodate new FiveM players. We are one of the more lenient FiveM servers, so you aren't as restricted when role-playing.

    Things We Offer:
    -Other Dedicated Servers
    *7 Days To Die
    -Custom Website User Friendly.
    -Friendly staff and members that provide a family experience.
    -High-command vacancies in departments allow for an opportunity to become a community leader.
    -A short application and interview phase!

    Our Departments:
    San Andreas State Troopers -- Applications and High Command Slots OPEN
    Blaine County Sherriff's Office -- Applications CLOSED
    Los Santos Police Department -- Application and High Command Slots OPEN
    San Andreas Communications -- Application and High Command Slots OPEN
    San Andreas Fire and Rescue -- Applications OPEN
    Donuts Towing, Recovery and Highway Maintenance (a.k.a our DOT) --Application and High Command Slots OPEN

    Are you 13 or older? We encourage you to take a look at our Discord server and website listed below!
    Website Link