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Conquer Gaming

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  • About this server
    (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤️ **Welcome to Conquer Gaming!** 🥵
    ...the next big thing! 😎

    But why should **YOU** join? 🤯

    ◇【🎮】A variety of games: MOBA's, Shooters, Party games and more! 🥳
    ◇【💥】Fun and entertaining server events🤩!
    ◇【🎨】React roles: change your name colour🌈
    ◇【🎥】Streamer? We have a **LIVE NOW** ROLE!
    ◇【🚩】Self promotion channel!
    ◇【🤖】A TON of bots at your disposal!
    ◇【😎】Diverse ranking system 📈
    ◇【⛔】STRICTLY NO ~~screamy kiddos!~~ 😱
    ◇【🙏】A respectful & unjudgemental community!
    ◇【😜】Don't worry we have banter so no NaCl🧂!
    ◇【🕹】Find pre-mades for your games!
    ◇【🙆‍♂️】We are a family so help us grow!
    ◇【🗣】Active Voice + Text channels to speak in!

    ...other than those reasons,

    This is a great server to find like-minded people to game with or simply hangout.
    WHAT are you waiting for?
    ***JOIN NOW XD***

    Please click here to join our server: